Beautiful smiling girl holding Hawley and Essix retainer

Removable vs. Fixed Retainers

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the hardest part of your orthodontic treatment, and you are finally out of braces or Invisalign aligners. You deserve to celebrate and show off your new smile, but while your mouth is experiencing a lot more freedom, your treatment isn’t completely over. It’s time to talk retainers! You’ve probably heard it Read More

Young woman suffering from toothache while standing against grey background

Braces and Gingivitis

There are a lot of benefits to wearing braces, including the end goal of a beautifully straight, healthy smile. It can also come with some challenges! One of those is finding, and maintaining, a really effective dental hygiene routine. Traditional metal braces can make cleaning your teeth thoroughly a little tricky since you’re having to Read More

unhappy woman suffering toothache at dental office

Orthodontic Emergenies

The experience toward a healthy smile with orthodontic treatment is not one without some natural anxiety. Orthodontic treatment can take some getting used to, whether it is Invisalign’s clear aligner system or traditional metal braces. While it can take a while to get used to, orthodontic treatment is nothing to get nervous about! At Dillehay Read More

Young Girl With Braces Smiling and Holding A Tennis Racket

How to Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports

Sports are a big part of most teenagers’ lives, especially for those that are active in them. Many athletes fear getting braces because they believe they won’t be able to play sports anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth! At Dillehay Orthodontics, we frequently get questions about how patients can play sports while undergoing Read More

collection of retainers in several colors

Why Retainers Are Important After Braces

The day you get your braces taken off is a big one! You finally get to eat all those treats that you’ve had to give up, and your smile is looking the best it’s ever been! However, you don’t want to get so caught up in the excitement that you forget that your treatment isn’t Read More

Portrait Of Smiling Woman With Healthy Straight White Teeth Holding Invisalign

Invisalign for All Ages

One of the things that we love here at Dillehay Orthodontics is how versatile our Invisalign aligners are. They are invisible, removable, and priced the same as regular braces. Not only that, but there are no limitations on what foods you can eat, and brushing and flossing are just as easy as they are without Read More

Examining a patient's teeth

Wisdom Teeth and Braces

There are many questions about how wisdom teeth affect your braces or other orthodontic treatment. Will they reverse all that work that braces did for you if you don’t remove them soon enough? Can you get them extracted while wearing braces or should you wait? What if they’re impacted; does that make a difference? Don’t Read More

child brushing teeth

Happy Mouth, Healthy Body

There are plenty of reasons to take good care of your mouth that go beyond a bright, white smile. Good oral hygiene can actually impact your overall health! Studies have shown there are a number of different ways in which our oral health can impact our bodies, everything from reducing inflammation to keeping our memory Read More

yummy ice cream

8 Braces-Friendly Summer Treats

People often talk about all the things you can’t eat when you’ve got braces on your teeth. If you’ve got braces yourself–or you’re thinking about getting them–the list of things you can’t have might seem huge, but don’t get discouraged. There are tons of tasty treats that’ll have you wondering why you ever ate popcorn Read More

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